Just in time for Halloween, the most ubiquitously viloent cartoon characters I can think of! Based on Quees, these two will be joning Bowser in the Cultyard at New York comic-con booth #876, so swing on by if you're there! I enjoyed revamping these guys, I think if ever a character was going to be hacked to pieces and sewn back together, it would be Scratchy. Thanks to Toy2R USA for sendng the platforms and hosting them at the booth, mybe next year I'll fly out.



I have been wanting to make a Bowser for some time now, I mean, whats not to love about a tyrannical, homicidal turtle? I had a bunny quee laying about, so I thought I would give it a go. Not my favorite platform, but I had a lot of fun changing it up. Stitched leather and faux fur give this custom a unique look and the hammer finishes it off nicely. I will be putting him up for sale in my store here on Tuesday, August 9th at 12:00pm PST

After completing Hathor and Anubis, I have been wanted to make Horus. The opportunity arose when Marie Ung graciously invited me to join the Cast in Plastic show in Houston. If you live out that way be sure to check it out!



The Egyptian god of the sky, Horus often took the form of a falcon as he guided the heavens. He was also a got of hunting and war, known for his great cunning, power, and leadership

I thought a Kusovinyl Celsius base would be great place to start with those fantastic wings and strong body posture.


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