Custom Arkiv - Khnum God of Creation

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In Egyptian mythology, Khnum is the great creator god and is often depicted as a potter at his wheel. He gave the gods their shape and represents pure creative energy. Also seen with a green head, to show the fertile abundance of the Nile which is the creator of life in the desert

Tuttz Heading to NYCC

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Onyx Tuttz photo OnyxTuttz.jpg

Alabaster Tuttz photo AlabasterTuttz.jpg

Mummy Tuttz photo TuttzMummy.jpg

Tuttz photo TuttzFrontBack.jpg

Thank you to Argonaut Resins for letting me get my hands on some Tuttz! Hand stitched leather and on their way to NYCC booth #325  Onyx, Alabaster, and Mummy

2012 Update!

Wow, its been awhile and I have a backlog of pieces to post! After years of waiting I finally adopted a puppy this year and he has been demanding a lot of my time, but now that he's older its time to get back to work, so here we go:

Wampa and TaunTaun

I have always loved the creatures of StarWars, so for this May the 4th I made a Wampa and a Taun Taun (7in munny base) So fuzzy! Both are available in the store.




Stitches McQee

I was honored to be asked to be a part of the SoSo Happy Qee project. I had a hard time deciding whether or not to go full sculpt or to keep the qee form unaltered. I decided on the later and sewed up Stitches McQee in all his qee bear glory

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One of my entries to the 1am gallery Most Wanted show in San Francisco. Once again I decided to forgo the sculpting in favor of stitching on an unaltered form (7in munny) I wanted to try a more abstract idea versus the figurative characters I usually go for.  

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New KayNids

Deamon Dog and Moon Fox. Some more KayNids are on th way, so stay tuned

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